I am a lover of all things conservation and mountain biking. As someone who was raised in the inner city – I am especially interested in youth enablement through sport.  I serve on the board for the Washington Student Cycling League and as a committee member for the Evergreen Mountain Bike AllianceI am excited by the Washington Student League’s ability to introduce young people to the camaraderie and sense of identity that an outdoor sport like mountain biking offers in a world where technology competes for their time and attention. The League also promotes land stewardship, taking students outside to teach them about the benefits that land provides. Today’s youth spend exceedingly less time outdoors, and they can’t protect something if they don’t love it, and they can’t love it if they don’t know it.

My professional interests are automation, product management, machine learning, cognitive science, and conveying complex statistical models through visualization. I enjoy keeping up with the current trends in my field through my graduate coursework and am always enrolled in a MOOC or two.

Photo from the exceptional Christoph Laue.