Many thanks to Glenn Lockwood of the San Diego Super Computer Center and the board members of the Ansir Innovation Center for enabling me to host the San Diego Data Science and R user groups at their facilities.

Testing in Layers w/ Python
April  2017 @ Seattle Central College

Recommendation Engines Fireside Chat
Oct 2015 @ Data Science Pop-up Seattle Moderated by: Roger Magoulas – Research Director at O’Reilly Media

Python GIL Architecture Optimization
Dec 2014 @ AWS (Coming soon)

Large Data Paradigms Python
May 2014 @ San Diego Supercomputer Center

Walmart Weekly Sales Forecasting Kaggle Competition Tutorial
June 2014 @ Ansir Innovation Center

Intro to Random Forests: Concepts and Applications
October 2013 @ McNeil & Associates

Intro to Grammar of Graphics & ggplot2
June 2013 @ McNeil & Associates

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